Tiles & Masonry Works

construction work performed during the erection of stonework on buildings and structures made of natural and artificial masonry materials. Masonry is commonly used for walls and buildings. Brick and concrete block are the most common types of masonry in use in industrialized nations and may be either load-bearing or non-load-bearing. Concrete blocks, especially those with hollow cores, offer various possibilities in masonry construction. They generally provide great compressive strength and are best suited to structures with light transverse loading when the cores remain unfilled. Filling some or all of the cores with concrete or concrete with steel reinforcement (typically rebar) offers much greater tensile and lateral strength to structures.

Our Tiles & Masonry Services

we offers the highest quality most experienced masons and tile workers in UAE we have created striking type stone and
masonry projects for our customers our experience and commitment to find finishing has earned us the reputation as one of the best. will help you deliver a completed, structurally sound building in the shortest period of time. Masonry buildings go up fast and last! Another significant benefit of masonry is its performance under fire conditions as well as favorable insurance policy premiums for fire-safe masonry.